CALENDAR – See Below or click here to see the events in calendar form


Monday, September 15
6:30PM Session Meeting
7:00PM Bagpipes

Tuesday, September 16
9:30AM Staff Meeting
10:30AM Coffee and Sermon Scripture
7:00PM  Richardson Family Visitation

Wednesday, September 17
11:00AM How to Pray w/ Irene Long
12:00PM Adventurers
7:00PM Debra Richardson Memorial Service

Thursday, September 18
12:00PM God Stories
6:30PM Ensemble Choir
7:00PM  Being Christian; Being Presbyterian w/ Dr. Marilyn Johns
7:30PM Chancel Choir

Sunday, September 21
*Sunday School Begins*

8:30AM Celtic Worship w/ Rev. Hunter Hill
9:45AM Sunday School
11:00AM Traditional Worship w/ Rev. Nancy Summerlin
12:15PM Pizza and Games Fellowship Event
5:00PM Jazz Vespers – Janet/Jill/Andrew

Monday, September 22
7:00PM Bagpipes