Wednesday, April 9
6:30PM Evening Prayer
7:00PM Admin Committee Meeting
7:00PM Kirk Under the Stars

Thursday, April 10
6:00PM Intergenerational Bell Ensemble
6:30PM Memorial Handbell Choir Rehearsal
7:30PM Chancel Choir Rehearsal

Friday, April 11
2:00PM Collage at the Kirk

Sunday, April 13
8:30AM     Celtic Worship
10:50AM   Processional Parade with Donkey

11:00AM   Traditional Worship
5:00PM     Jazz Vespers – Janet/Jill/Andrew

Monday, April 14
3:30PM Kerygma

7:00PM Bagpipes

Tuesday, April 15
9:30AM     Staff Meeting

10:30AM  Coffee and Sermon Scripture
11:30AM  OT Survey
5:30PM     Yoga
7:00PM     Memorial Bells
7:00PM     Deacons Meeting

Wednesday, April 16
12:00PM Adventurers

Thursday, April 17
12:00PM   God Stories

6:00PM      Intergenerational Bell Ensemble
6:30PM      Choir Warm-up
7:00PM      Maundy Thursday Service
8:00PM      Chancel Choir Practice

Friday, April 18 – Good Friday
12:00 – 7:00PM  Stations of the Cross - Stop by at your convenience throughout the day - The church will be open.

Sunday, April 20 – Easter
8:30AM     Celtic Worship – Outdoor Chapel

11:00AM   Traditional Worship
12:15PM   Easter Egg Hunt and Egg Roll
1:00PM     Easter Dinner
5:00PM     Jazz Vespers – Janet/Jill/Andrew