2018-2020 Session Ministries and Diaconate

2018-2020 Session Ministries

Moderator:   Janet James, Pastor

Clerk of Session:  Marilyn Johns

Administration:  Carol Woodcock, Chair

Building and Grounds:  Kevin Riley, Chair;  John Donelson, Co-chair

Christian Education:  Patti Meire, Chair;  Lynn Izod, Co-chair

Communications:  Lois Fay, Chair

Mission:  Ross Riddell, Chair;  Jim Collins, Co-chair

Worship:  Betty Meador, Chair; Karlynne Rogevich, Co-chair


2018-2020 Diaconate

Moderator:  Peggy McCrerey

Ellen Hasty ;  Burr Workman;  Cecelia Fitzgerald;  Patti McCloskey;  Lavinia Johnson