Weekly Calendar

Sunday, Jan. 21
8:30 AM Celtic Worship Service
9:45 AM Church School
11:00 AM Traditional Worship
12:00 PM Joyful Noisemakers
Rehearse for Musical
5:00 PM Jazz Vespers

Monday, Jan. 22
10:00 AM Study of the Gospel of John
11:00 AM Coffee & Scripture Discussion
7:00 PM Art by Hand

Tuesday, Jan. 23
10:00 AM Staff Meeting
11:00 AM Orff
12:00 PM Pottery
1:00 PM Beginning Bridge
4:30 PM Yoga (New Time!)
7:00 PM Book Group at Sharon Adams

Wednesday, Jan. 24
10:00 AM Tai Chi (schedule change)
11:00 AM Wisdom Jesus group
12:15 PM Vinnie’s Café
12:45 PM Bland Weaver Presentation
7:00 PM Taize Prayer Service

Thursday, Jan.25
1:00 PM Kirk Collage
6:00 PM Handbell Ensemble Rehearsal
6:30 PM Handbell Rehearsal
7:30 PM Chancel Choir Rehearsal

Sunday, Jan. 28
8:30 AM Celtic Worship Service
9:45 AM Church School
Joint Youth Group Meeting
11:00 AM Traditional Worship
12:00 PM Musical Rehearsal
12:45 PM Let’s Do Lunch!
4:00 PM WKRK – young adult ministry
5:00 PM Jazz Vespers


Special Events:

Jan. 27   

7 PM, Kirk Under the Stars


Jan. 28  

12:00 PM  Called Congregational Meeting

for the following purposes:

(1) for the Session to present the 2018 Budget

(2) hear the Terms of Call for the Pastor (no change from 2017)

(3) elect a 2018 nominating committee composed of 1 woman, 1 man, 1 youth who will join 2 session members from the class of 2016 to compose the committee

12:45 PM     Let’s Do  Lunch! (everyone is invited to go to lunch – Dutch treat – at Sushi O)


Feb. 17 

6 PM  Dinner and Talent Show (Fundraiser for Montreat Worship & Music Conferees)


Mar. 3  

10AM – 12:30PM  Springele Cookie Workshop & Brown Bag Lunch with Patti McCloskey


January Birthdays & Anniversaries

1 – Carol Woodcock

3 – Don Warner

5 – Van Pienaar

6 – Gracie Hart

Sandra O’Neill

7 – Vince Mancano

9-  Lavinia Johnson

10 – Lorrie Carver

11 – Wesley Taylor

William Taylor

17 – Roddy Cooper

Bob Kirby

18 – (a) George and Page Peyser

19 – Jill Isola

20- Lilly Nobles (Susan Trulove’s granddaughter)

23 – Anne Daniels

Meredith Kennedy

24 – Ervin Baas

28 – Martha Kier

– Bette Sklon


A Warm Goodbye

At year’s end we said goodbye to Mary Kay Blair who was our Office Manager and wish her well in the upcoming years. Mary Kay was a welcoming, kind, thoughtful person and we enjoyed her friendship at The Kirk.

We now begin a search for a new Office Manager and we have a new job description. If you know someone who is interested in the position, and has strong bookkeeping and internet skills, please let them know of the position. you can obtain the job description at the Kirk Office (call, come by, or email). __________________________________________________


A Note from T. Wes During the Spring, I will combine two passions of mine:  Evangelism and the Gospel of Mark.  This is for a project at Union as I continue my internship.  Mark’s Gospel is never in one place for long before there is a change of scenery.  Jesus and his disciples are constantly on the move!  How does that connect with Evangelism?  Is the Holy Spirit up to something in Mark and even our world, too?!?

The dates I will preach from Mark are 1/14, 1/21, 2/11, and 3/25.

I am looking forward to this adventure through Mark’s Gospel with you!

  1. Wes Moore Seminary Intern __________________________________________________


Let’s Do Lunch! The last Sunday each month we collect the Centsability offering. Well, we’ve talked around and several folks would like to go to lunch together (dutch treat) once a month, and the last Sunday of the month is a good way to remember 2 things, Centsability and Let’s Do Lunch! The first lunch will be Jan 28 12:45PM at Glory Days.  In the future we will make a point of choosing affordable restaurants and will vary the menus.


Save the Date:  Three Penny Theatre performs  “Later Life” for the Acts of Faith Festival    March 16 and 17; 23 and 24





Jesus answered them, “Go and tell John what you hear and see: the blind receive their sight, the lame walk, the lepers are cleansed, the deaf hear, the dead are raised, and the poor have good news brought to them. And blessed is anyone who takes no offense at me.” (Matthew 11:4-5)

(Prayer requests will remain on the list for two weeks only. Please notify the church office if you wish to extend your request for two more weeks.)

Please pray for peace and for those serving in the military and for their families. Brian Strickland Louis Pienaar; Mike & Megan Dumas; Rob Blackwell; Ryan Stephenson; Aaron Gervolino; Taylor Wilson, son of Susan Bell Travis Queen; Kevin Lyons (in Afghanistan); Katie Queen; Quinton Robertson


Due to the respect of privacy we will no longer use last names except for death notices.

In Our Prayers for Continued Health Issues:

Anthony, BJ, Lizzie G, Alan, Sally, Harriet, Charlie, Ken, Lorette, Peggy, JP, Ginny, Harriet, Charlie, Toni, Douglas, Frances, Smitty, Douglas, Ken, Sandy, Cathleen, Tim, Gretchen, Joseph, Sandra, Susan, Pat, Valerie, Jaffee, Ron, Sandra B, Rhonda, Beth, Barbara, Kay, and Janet W.



Prayers of peace and comfort for:

Goldie Saunders family & friends

For BJ and Becca as they grieve the loss of many friends and family


Cantin family, friends of Susan S.  (looking for family in California mudslides)

Recovery for Jimmy from serious surgery

That Barbara regains mobility

For those who wish to express your sympathy to Sherry Paciocco’s family:

Doran Paciocco (son) 1813 Poplar Green, Richmond, VA 23233

Christian Paciocco (son),   Justin Paciocco (son) c/o Linda Sharp, 1402 Old Compton Rd Richmond, VA 23238 (Ms. Sharp is Sherry’s sister)



Peace and comfort for

Goldie Saunders family & friends

For BJ and Becca grieving the lost of many friends and family

For the Cantin family, friends of Susan S. (who lost family in the CA mudslides)

Recovery for Jimmy from serious surgery

That Barbara regains mobility