CALENDAR – See Below or click here to see the events in calendar form


Sunday, December 14
8:30AM Celtic Worship
9:45AM Sunday School
11:00AM Traditional Worship
5:00PM Jazz Vespers
6:00PM A Charlie Brown Christmas, Cookies, and Popcorn

Monday, December 15

12:00PM Doubt, Truth, Spirituality

Tuesday, December 16

10:30AM Coffee and Sermon Scripture
11:30AM OT Survey
1:00PM Staff Meeting
5:30PM Yoga
7:00PM Biblical Reflections

Wednesday, December 17

11:00AM How to Pray w/Irene Long
12:00PM Adventurers

Thursday, December 18

12:00PM   Faith Stories
6:45PM     Memorial Handbells
7:15PM    Chancel Choir

Sunday, December 21

8:30AM      Celtic Worship

9:30AM      Bells Rehearse for Cantata
9:45AM      Instruments Rehearse for Cantata
9:45AM      Sunday School
10:00AM    Everyone Rehearses Together for Cantata

11:00AM    Traditional Worship – Cantata
12:15PM    Memorial Handbells Practice
12:30PM    Pizza and Christmas Carols

5:00PM      Jazz Vespers

Wednesday, December 24

Christmas Eve

4:00PM     Bells Rehearse
4:20PM     Choir Rehearses
5:00PM     Christmas Eve Service with Christmas Pageant

10:00PM    Bells Rehearse
10:20PM    Choir Rehearses

10:30PM    Christmas Carols Begin
11:00PM    Christmas Eve Service Begins

Thursday, December 25

4:00PM Christmas Dinner – Potluck

Sunday, December 28

8:30AM Celtic Worship
9:45AM Sunday School
11:00AM Traditional Worship – Lessons and Carols
5:00PM Jazz Vespers

Monday, December 29
No Activities

Tuesday, December 30

No Activities

Wednesday, December 31

*New Year’s Eve*
Office Closed

Thursday, January 1

*Happy New Year*
Office Closed

Sunday, January 11

12:30 PM Called Congregational Meeting