God has given us all talents to share.  How can YOU share YOURS to help invite people to know Christ better in the work of the Gayton Kirk?  Pledge Sunday is November 11.

That is what Stewardship is, you know; it is about loving others by caring for them. There is a saying, “We love because God first loved us.” At this time, we are imagining how the Gayton Kirk can love well. So many Kirk people are excellent at this! You see them at the Kirk helping set up for classes and worship, teaching and leading groups, moving mulch and washing dishes, cooking for those who are sick and visiting those who are in need, offering a listening ear, and offering to lend a helping hand. We also share love by planning how to spend the money you pledge to give for next year.It sound kind of strange to talk about budget planning for 2019 as planning how to share love. How can we show our love for God? How do we love our neighbors? How do we love one another? This year November 11 is Pledge Sunday. We ask that everyone prayerfully consider how you will share love through the Gayton Kirk in 2019. Pledge forms can be found in the Narthex or the Kirk office. Please return them to Marilyn Johns by November 11.