January – April 2018


Mon. 10-11AM John’s Gospel and Social Context: Janet James, Instructor. Using research from Bruce Malina and Richard Rohrbaugh’s book SOCIAL SCIENCE COMMENTARY ON THE GOSPEL OF JOHN we explore how Jesus and his contemporaries thought and reasoned in the first century.

Mon. 11 AM – 12 PM Coffee & Scriptures: Janet James, facilitator.  Join us to discuss the upcoming scripture lessons for the traditional and jazz worship services. A great time of discussion, learning and consideration of what reminders we, as the church, need to hear.

1st and 3rd Mon. 12:15 -1:30PM. Faith Stories (currently uses the book, The Good Book: Writers Reflect on Favorite Bible Passages, edited by Adam Gopnik) Don Warner, facilitator.  Everyone needs to purchase the book which is available on Amazon. The group meets during the lunch hour so bring a bag lunch and enjoy the discussion.

Mon. 7PM Art by Hand: Contact Person: Liz Barham.  Crocheters, knitters, cross-stitchers and hand quilters are all welcome to join! Would you like to learn how? Please come!


Tues. 11AM– 12PM Orff Music Class for Adult: Debbie Mueller, director. Orff classes use such instruments as xylophones, metallophones and glockenspiels. You do not need to know how to read music for this class.

Tues. 12 -1:30PM Pottery Group: Contact: Janet James.  No experience required. Join us to learn pottery techniques of hand building.

Tues. 1– 3PM Beginning Bridge: Ellen Welthy-Facilitator.  Individuals with some knowledge of bridge are welcome to come, play and further their knowledge of the game.

Tues. 4:30 – 5:30PM Yoga: Contact Person: Debbie Mueller.  This weekly class enjoys the benefit of yoga’s stretching and breathing exercises.

3rd Tues. 7:00 – 9:00PM Faith and Film: Bob Chesnut, facilitator.  Join us to watch and discuss movies and documentaries. This is a new group. Begins February 20th.



Wed. 10 – 11AM Tai Chi: Steve Sawyer, Certified Instructor.  Tai Chi is a graceful, gentle form of exercise that’s now used for stress reduction and a variety of other health conditions. This class is for beginners. People can participate through sitting or standing.

Wed. 11 AM-12:15PM Spirituality Group: Janet James, facilitator. We will slowly read, discuss and contemplate the various insights into spirituality as a group experience. Our reading is from The Wisdom Jesus: Transforming Heart and Mind -A New Perspective on Christ and his Message by Cynthia Bourgeault.

Wed. 12:15-12:45PM Vinnie’s Café: Lavinia Johnson, chef. A community lunch. You are welcome to come by and have lunch with us. Donations are accepted.

Wed. 12:45 – 1:30PM Class Of Interest: Bland Weaver discusses the impact Napoleon Hill has made on him, and presents Hill’s long standing thoughts on success, finances and how we think.

2nd Wed. 6- 7PM Theology on Tap: Kevin Riley and Ray Carver as facilitators. Join us for discussions about faith and current events.  New participants will want to join the email list so you can get the very short essay or article that we’re discussing for the gathering.  Email Kevin at vtdogdoc86@aol.com to be added to the email group to receive the article.


Thurs. 1-2:30 PM Kirk Collage: Janet James, Facilitator.  This group is for those who enjoy working with images. It is a creative and satisfying collage process in which you can learn more about yourself.


4th Saturday of the month, Oct. – Apr. at 7:00 PM  Kirk Under the Stars: John Barnett, astronomer. Come learn about and observe the beautiful night skies with our in-house astronomer!


Coming soon … a group to discuss the book, Don’t Bite Your Tongue, which encourages way to converse across generations.