Do I Have to Believe Certain Things to Be Welcome at Your Church?

At the Kirk, we strive to be a welcoming congregation that makes room for all people.  We are a congregation of the Presbyterian Church (USA), and we value our heritage as a community in that tradition.  Along with our Presbyterian affiliation, we welcome people from a variety of backgrounds (i.e., Jewish, Catholic, Baptist, etc.) at our services, along with people who are questioning, new to religion, or coming back after spending some time away.

There is always room for discussion and an open mind, as we strive to follow in the way of Jesus and learn to be his disciples. All those who strive to love God with all their heart, mind, soul, and strength, and their neighbors likewise, are welcome in our community.

What Should I Wear?

There is a fairly casual atmosphere at the Kirk on Sundays and during the week. You’ll find us in business casual attire, jeans, pant suits, dresses, polo shirts, t-shirts – all depending upon your preference. While we take worship seriously, we also believe that we can do this in a variety of fashions and dress.

What’s Available for Children and Youth?

We love children and youth at the Kirk. We have a variety of opportunities for them, including times and places for them to be involved in worship, particularly the 11:00 AM traditional service. During this time, there is childcare available in our nursery for infants and children up to five years old. We also offer a Children’s Time during this service.

Debbie, our music minister, provides many wonderful opportunities for musicians (both young and old) to contribute their gifts. People are invited to learn orff instruments, sing in the choir, play handbells, and participate in occasional musicals and plays. Other members and friends of the Kirk have been invited to play their musical instruments (flute, recorder, violin, saxophone, harp, piano, guitar, etc.) in our different worship services. Debbie enjoys embracing the many musical talents that people bring to our worshiping community.

We offer childcare for parents of younger children who want to be involved in the choir. There are Sunday School class opportunities, and we also encourage their full inclusion in various mission projects that we support throughout the year.

The Kirk strongly believes that children and youth should form healthy relationships with people of all ages, so we try to plan our programs and opportunities as intergenerational.

What is Worship Like?

We have four different worship services at the Kirk that meet each week- Celtic Worship at 8:30 AM; Traditional Worship at 11:00 AM; and Jazz Vespers at 5:00 PM each Sunday; and a Taize service on Wednesday evenings at 7 pm.

Please click the links above for additional information about each service. People from all walks of life are welcome to attend the Kirk.

Do I Have to Give Money?

Of course not. No one is required to give financially to attend or take part in our programs. Certainly, we welcome and depend upon financial support from our members and Friends of the Kirk in order to maintain our operations. And we also recognize the many other ways in which individuals and families can give back to the community, i.e., through their prayers and time. We hope that a lack of finances never keeps someone from taking part in our community.

Are You Engaged in the Community?

Indeed, we are. We support local organizations and non-profits around the Richmond area each month. For a list of those organizations, click here. We also partner with local actors and guilds, neighborhood schools, artists, and community leaders to provide a variety of programs and courses for all to attend.


“Not only is The Kirk in my neighborhood, but it offers me a great opportunity to grow spiritually.  The Bible studies, the preaching, the music program, and the fellowship activities are superb!”

“The Gayton Kirk is my church because the worship is interactive, creative, God centered, and the people are friendly and approachable. I come to church every Sunday excited that I am going to learn something new… and the minister is awesome!”  (Bette Sklon, age 46)