The 8:30 AM Morning Celtic Worship Service is a 40-minute service with The Lord’s Supper, special Celtic arrangements of music, and a guided discussion about the Scripture.  Those who gather are currently progressing through a study of the Gospel of Luke during the guided discussion.

Christian Celtic worship values the everyday experience and the ways we use our senses to praise God. We respond to God’s gifts of seeing and tasting, hearing and feeling, and singing by offering our whole selves to God in worship.  The Celtic tradition is a way of seeing the world. The tradition emphasizes the goodness of creation and makes us aware of the connections of nature with God’s creatures. Nature does not serve humankind, rather, all of creation joins with humanity to praise God.

Nursery care is provided.

Here is what some of the people who worship at the Celtic Service have to say about it:

 “The chance to worship in such an environment is fulfilling, gratifying, humorous, and peaceful, and I have loved looking at the book of Mark in its entirety.  It raises multiple questions…and answers…and leaves me with something to take home every week.” 

“I’m  drawn to the informality  of a small  community of seekers exploring the meaning of discipleship.  My husband and I both find the opportunity to engage in Biblical dialogue meaningful.  We also both like the time for quiet reflection and the emphasis on inclusiveness and service to others.  I think this service would appeal to people who are looking for an alternative to the traditional worship experience that offers engagement with the text on a different level.”

  “I think that having the worship leader give the context for the scripture is very valuable and helpful in interpreting the text. It is more like an instructional Bible Study. I also think hearing of others’ interpretations or comments expands my thinking and knowledge, which is invaluable.”