Jazz Vespers (every Sunday at 5:00 PM) is an innovative worship experience of jazz music, conversation, and Holy Communion.
This service encourages worshipers to explore their questions about God.

 Join us for a service that features quality jazz music from our Church Musicians Betsy McElmurray, and Debbie Mueller. It also features our Jazz Trio: Ross Riddell, Tommy Witten, and Joe Sarver. In addition to great music, the evening’s Scripture is read and interpreted through visual art and poetry. Worshipers sit around small coffee house tables and enjoy conversation and discussion. We worship through music and discussion and celebrate the Lord’s Supper.

Nursery care is provided.

Jazz Vespers - Sundays at 5:00 PM

Come for the jazz, the discussion, and the worship; stay for soup and bread and more meaningful conversation.

Our soup recipes are getting famous!  Check out some of our most well-loved recipes on our Pinterest board: Jazz Vespers Eats


Perspectives from those who attend the Jazz Vespers Service

…so, what brings me to Gayton Kirk for Jazz Vespers?

 “We were not jazz enthusiasts, but did find the soft jazz a new and pleasant experience. I found the open group discussions that grew from Andrew and Jill’s art/scripture presentations to be refreshing, and found myself wanting to speak up …”

“Of course I enjoy the music and the atmosphere with the tables and candles.  I like how you combine the scripture with art and poetry. Last week was especially meaningful for me. I think it really made me put the realization of the birth of Jesus as a true living human being to life.”

“It is consoling… providing a sense of hearth and home with quiet conversation and sounds of familiar music exquisitely performed. As you spoke last Sunday evening, we are treated to a collage with spiritual underpinnings…implanting fresh thoughts through improvisational music, the meditation on the Word, the expressions found in poetry, and the shared insights that scripture, art and poetry bring. O f course as I say this I realize that not all attendees may be that mated to jazz , even as it is so beautifully performed by Tommy, Joe, and Ross. For me, the Jazz Vespers delivers the Word in wondrous ways. It is a collage that is enduring, for what I hear and see extends long after. Thanks for this gift.”